How to Clean Fabric Couch

The couch at your house has probably shown the highlights of your life. Calling friends for tea or to share words, the couch holds lifetime memories. Further, the couch is one of the common places where kids take short naps. Moreover, you must have spent many vacations, sitting on the couches and watching television. Also, everyone like suiting on the couch during the family get-together. However, as all say accidents can happen at any time and anywhere. Spills of drinks and ink on the couch fallen accidentally make them dirty and bad in appearance. Thus falling something on the couch should be treated immediately. In this article, we will be suggesting to you How to Clean Fabric Couch. Thus continue reading the article How to Clean Fabric Couch.

 Clean a Fabric Couch At Home

Best Ways To Clean Your Dirty Couch Fabric At Home 

There is not any doubt that couches are chic and even bring comfort, and style to your house. Moreover, adding some cushions and covers to the couch will also enhance its beauty. However, regular fabric couch cleaning is not an easy task. You can hire services of Couch cleaning Adelaide. But with the following points, we will be advising you about How to Clean Fabric Couch.

  • Step 1: To clean the dirty couch firstly you need to check the fabric. Moreover, also read the codes given by manufacturers. Regardless, the codes are given by the manufacturer to help in identifying the way to clean the couch fabric effectively. Thus the manufacturer tag includes:
    • W: w means that you can use the water-based detergent safely for couch cleaning fabric at home. 
    • S/W: Further S/ W means that you can use both solvent and water-based detergent for deep couch fabric cleaning. 
    • S:  Nevertheless, it means you can only use solvent for safe couch fabric cleaning. 
  • Step 2: Now you have already analysed the couch manufacture tag. Then take a thick natural bristle brush and gently rub it on your couch. Thus rubbing the bristle brush will help in bringing down the impurities and dust from the couch. However, for rubbing you can even use a dry and clean cloth. But try to avoid colour material items if you are cleaning the white couch. So this is the second and most essential step for How to Clean Fabric Couch.
  • Step 3: Further when you are done with rubbing, move forward to vacuuming. Simply take a handheld vacuum cleaner for eliminating the dust particles from the couch fabric. Moreover, the handheld vacuum will also be beneficial in removing food crumbs, glitter and pet hair from the couches. Importantly, always use the industry-approved vacuum for Fabric couch cleaning. 
  • Step 4: After cleaning the tiny particle from the couch fabric, move on to remove bad odour from the couch fabric. Couch tends to easily develop a bad smell which gets worse with time. However, for eliminating the bad odour from the couch you can use a natural deodorizer. Apart from deodorizer, you can also use baking soda for eliminating odours from couches. Also, baking soda helps in removing tough stains from the couch. Hence sprinkle some amount of baking soda and rest it for 20 minutes on the couch fabric. After 20 minutes brush it and clean it with a vacuum. Thus we even advise you to test some portion of the couch first. 
  • Step 5: Another method for cleaning the couch fabric naturally is by mixing the two main ingredients. Thus the two main ingredients are white vinegar and baking soda. Hence add some amount of baking soda with the little white vinegar and make the best solution. Then after making the solution apply that to the dirty couch fabric and keep it for 10 minutes. Thus after 10 minutes clean the solution with a soft and clean cloth. But before doing this always check the manufacturing 

instruction first for the best result.

  • Step 6: Lastly, take a dry clean towel to absorb the extra moisture from the couch fabric. Also left the couch for air drying overnight. Thus all the above are essential steps for How to Clean Fabric Couch

Alternative DIY Methods For Cleaning The Couch Fabric At Home 

  • For restoring your couch fabric shine, take a muslin cloth. Then absorb the Muslin cloth in the white vinegar and water solution. Thus slowly clean the couch with soft hands and use a clean and dry towel for absorbing any residue. You can also wipe the couch with a muslin cloth for effective results. 
  • Further for eliminating mould from the couch use muslin cloth and some alcohol-based cleaner. Muslin cloth is very reliable for rubbing on the couch. As muslin cloth is so soft that it never harms your delicate couch fabric.  Hence absorb muslin cloth on alcohol and gently rub on the couch mould. Thus we even advise you to first test a small area of the couch for safe results. 
  • Cleaning dirt and dust from the couch is indeed a very big mystery. But with the following DIY method you can solve it. You can use olive oil and vinegar solution for removing dust from the couch fabric. However, you can also add some warm water to the above solution. Importantly always remember to use a clean and soft cloth for applying the given solution to the couch fabric. 

How to Clean a Fabric Couch


How to Clean Fabric Couch. We hope that with this article all your queries are resolved. Apart from the above steps and the DIY methods for couch cleaning we give you some additional tips. To avoid discolouration of couch fabric, put them away from the windows so that no sun rays reach them. Also, keep the couches away from the AC as it will cause dehydration to it. Further, we suggest you for safe and reliable couch fabric cleaning hire a professional Our company CBD couch cleaning is offer services of couch, sofa and upholstery in Salisbury, Maylands, Burnside and more nearby location of Adelaide. Professionals will use safe solutions and the best methods for effective couch fabric cleaning. 

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